IoT Multi-parameter Water quality Buoy for river water

Short Description:

★ Model No: MPF-3099

★ Protocol: Modbus RTU RS485 

★ Power Supply: 40W solar panel, battery 60AH 

★ Features: Anti-overturning design, GPRS for mobile 

★ Application: Urban inland rivers, industrial rivers, water intake roadways


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Product Detail


Brief Introduction

Buoy Multi-Parameters Water Quality Analyzer is a advanced technology of water quality monitoring. Using buoy observation technology, water quality can be monitored all day, continuously, and at fixed points, and data can be transmitted to shore stations in real time.

As part of the complete environmental monitoring system, the water quality buoys and floating platforms are mainly composed of floating bodies, monitoring instruments, data transmission units, solar power supply units (battery packs and solar power supply systems), mooring devices, protection units (lights, alarms). Remote monitoring of water quality and other real-time monitoring, and automatic transmission of monitoring data to the monitoring center via GPRS network. The buoys are arranged at each monitoring point without manual operation, ensuring real-time transmission of monitoring data, accurate data and reliable system.


1) Flexible configuration of intelligent instrument platform software and combination parameter analysis module, to meet intelligent online monitoring applications.

2) Drainage integrated system integration, constant flow circulation device, using a small number of water samples to complete a variety of real-time data analysis;

3) With automatic online sensor and pipeline maintenance, low human maintenance, creating a suitable operating environment for parameter measurement, integrating and simplifying complex field problems, eliminating uncertain factors in the application process;

4) Inserted pressure reducing device and constant flow rate patent technology, not affected by pipeline pressure changes, ensuring constant flow rate and stable analysis data;

5) Wireless module, data checking remotely. (Optional)                  A river runs calmly through a valley in Glacier National Park of Montana.                   Shrimp And Fish Farming1

                     Waste Water                                                                             River water                                                                           Aquaculture

Technical Indexes

Multi-Parameters pH:0~14pH; Temperature:0~60C


Dissolved oxygen:0~20mg/L, 0~200%


Customized for Chlorophyll, blue-green algae,

TSS,COD, Ammonia nitrogen etc

Buoy dimension  0.6 m in diameter, overall height 0.6 m, weight 15KG
Material Polymer material with good impact and corrosion resistance
Power 40W solar panel, battery 60AH

effectively guarantee continuous operation in continuous rainy weather.

Wireless GPRS for mobile
Anti-overturning design Use tumbler principle, the center of gravity moves down

to prevent overturning

Warning light Clearly positioned at night to avoid being damaged
Application urban inland rivers, industrial rivers, water intake roadways and other environments. 

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