IoT Multi-parameter Water quality analyzer

Short Description:

★ Model No: MPG-6099

★ Protocol: Modbus RTU RS485 

★ Power Supply: AC220V or 24VDC

★ Features: 8 channels connection, small size  for easy installtion

★ Application: Waste water, Sewage water, ground water, aquaculture


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Product Detail


Brief Introduction

Wall-mounted multi-parameter MPG-6099, optional water quality routine detection parameter sensor, including temperature/PH/conductivity/dissolved oxygen/turbidity/BOD/COD/ammonia nitrogen / nitrate/colour/chloride / depth etc, achieve simultaneous monitoring function. MPG-6099 multi-parameter controller has data storage function, which can monitor the fields: secondary water supply, aquaculture, river water quality monitoring, and environmental water discharge monitoring.


1) Flexible configuration of intelligent instrument platform software and combination parameter analysis module, to meet intelligent online monitoring applications.

2) Drainage integrated system integration, constant flow circulation device, using a small number of water samples to complete a variety of real-time data analysis;

3) With automatic online sensor and pipeline maintenance, low human maintenance, creating a suitable operating environment for parameter measurement, integrating and simplifying complex field problems, eliminating uncertain factors in the application process;

4) Inserted pressure reducing device and constant flow rate patent technology, not affected by pipeline pressure changes, ensuring constant flow rate and stable analysis data;

5) Wireless module, data checking remotely. (Optional)                  A river runs calmly through a valley in Glacier National Park of Montana.                   Shrimp And Fish Farming1

                     Waste Water                                                                             River water                                                                           Aquaculture

Technical Indexes

Display LCD: 7 inch touch screen
Data logger 128M
Power 24VDC or 220VAC
Protection IP65
Input RS485 Modbus
Download With USB to download data
Output 2 ways of RS485 Modbus Or 1 way RS485 and 1 way for Wireless module
Dimension 320mmx270mmx121 mm
Max number of sensors 8 digital sensors
Digital Water Quality Sensors
pH 0~14
ORP -2000mv~+2000mv
Conductivity 0~2000ms/cm
Dissolved oxygen 0~20mg/L
Turbidity 0~3000NTU
Suspended solid 0~12000mg/L
COD 0~1000mg/L
Temperature 0~50℃
Note It can be customized based required

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