Drinking Water Solutions

Quality of drinking water indicates water acceptability for human consumption. Water quality depends on water composition influenced by natural process and human activities. Water quality is characterized on the basis of water parameters, and human health is at risk if values exceed acceptable limits. Various agencies such as the WHO and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) set exposure standards or safe limits of chemical contaminants in drinking water. A common perception about water is that clean water is good-quality water indicating knowledge gap about the presence of these substances in water. Ensuring availability and sustainable management of good-quality water is set as one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is a challenge for policy makers and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) practitioners, particularly in the face of changing climatic conditions, increasing populations, poverty, and the negative effects of human development.

At this critical situation, BOQU definitely need to do some efforts on drinking water quality, our R&D team developed high technology water quality instrument to measure water quality accurately, these products have been widely using in the worldwide. 

4.1.Drinking water plant in Korea

Using online turbidity analyzer and sensor on drinking system

Drinking water solution
Drinking water treatment

4.2.Drinking water plant in Philippine

5 pcs of residual chlorine meter and 2 pcs of flow-cell type turbidity meter for drinking water quality monitoring.

ZDYG-2088YT is online Turbidity Meter with flow cell type sensor, it's popular used for drinking water application, because the drinking water requires low turbidity measure range which less1NTU, this meter use Flow-cell installation method which same as Hach turbidity meter to ensure high precision in low range.

CL-2059A is constant voltage principle Residual Chlorine Meter, it has 0~20mg/L and 0~100mg/L range for option.

Using products:

Model No Analyzer&Sensor
ZDYG-2088YT Online Turbidity Analyzer
ZDYG-2088-02 Online Turbidity Sensor
CL-2059A Online Residual chlorine Analyzer
CL-2059-01 Online Residual chlorine sensor
Installation site of online water quality analyzer
Philippine drinking water installation site
Residual meter and turbidity meter