Boiler Water Solutions

6.1 Solid waste treatment

With the development of economy, the increase of urban population and the improvement of living standards, domestic waste is also increasing rapidly. The siege of garbage has become a major social problem affecting the ecological environment. According to statistics, two-thirds of the 600 large and medium-sized cities in the country are surrounded by garbage, and half of the cities have no suitable places to store garbage. The land area occupied by the country’s piles is about 500 million square meters, and the total amount of each other has reached more than 7 billion tons over the years, and the amount produced is increasing at an annual rate of 8.98%.

The boiler is an important source of power for solid waste treatment, and the importance of boiler water to the boiler is self-evident. As a manufacturer dedicated to the production and research and development of water quality detection sensors, BOQU Instrument has been deeply involved in the power industry for more than ten years,our products are widely used in water quality detection in boiler water, steam and water sampling racks.

During boiler process, what’s parameters need to be test? See below list for reference.

Serial No. Monitor process Monitor parameters BOQU Model


Boiler feed water pH, DO, Conductivity PHG-2091X, DOG-2080X, DDG-2080X


Boiler water pH, Conductivity PHG-2091X, DDG-2080X


Saturated steam Conductivity DDG-2080X


Superheated steam Conductivity DDG-2080X
Installation for boiler water
SWAS system

6.2 Power plant

The high-temperature and high-pressure steam water samples which produced by the boilers in thermal power plants need to be test water quality continuously. The main monitoring indicators are pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, trace silicon, and sodium. The water quality analysis instrument provided by BOQU can be applied to the monitoring of conventional indicators in boiler water.

In addition to water quality monitoring instruments, we can also provide Steam and Water Analysis System, which can cool high-temperature and high-pressure sample water and steam to reduce temperature and pressure. The processed water samples reach the monitoring temperature of instrument and can monitoring continuously.

Using products:

Model No Analyzer&Sensor
PHG-3081 Online pH Analyzer
PH8022 Online pH sensor
DDG-3080 Online conductivity meter
DDG-0.01 Online conductivity Sensor for 0~20us/cm
DOG-3082 Online Dissolved Oxygen Meter
DOG-208F Online PPB class Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Power plant monitor solution
Indian power plant installation site
Online analyzer installation site
Power plant
SWAS system