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In the pharmaceutical production process, it is essential to ensure high reliability and consistency during process. For key analysis parameters and

Time measurement is the key to achieving this goal. Although offline analysis of manual sampling can also provide accurate measurement results, but the process is cost too long time, samples are at risk of contamination, and continuous real-time measurement data cannot be provided.

If measure by on-line measurement method , no sampling is required, and the measurement is performed directly in the process to avoid read

ing errors due to contamination;

It can provide continuous real-time measurement results, can quickly take corrective measures when necessary, and reduce the workload of laboratory workers.

Process analysis in the pharmaceutical industry has higher requirements for sensors. In addition to high temperature resistance, it must also ensure corrosion resistance and pressure resistance.

At the same time, it cannot contaminate the raw materials and cause the bad quality of medicine. For the analysis of the biopharmaceutical process, BOQU Instrument can provide online monitoring sensors, such as pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen and corresponding solutions.

Projects in Pharmaceutical application

Monitor products: Escherichia coli, Avermycin

Monitor installation location: Semi-automatic tank

Using products

Model No Analyzer&Sensor
PHG-3081 Online pH analyzer
PH5806 High temp pH sensor
DOG-3082 Online DO analyzer
DOG-208FA High temp DO sensor
Pharmaceutical application
Pharmaceutical bioreactor online monitor
Pharmaceutical online monitor
Pharmaceutical bioreactor