IoT Digital Nitrate Nitrogen Sensor

Short Description:

★ Model No: BH-485-NO3

★ Protocol: Modbus RTU RS485 

★ Power Supply: DC12V

★ Features: 210 nm UV light principle, 2-3 years lifespan

★ Application: Sewage water, ground water, city water


Product Detail


Measuring Principle

NO3-N will be absorbed at 210 nm UV light. When the Spectrometer Nitrate sensor is working, the water sample flows through the slit. When the light from the light source in the sensor passes through the slit, part of the light is absorbed by the sample flowing in the slit, and the other light passes through the sample and reaches the other side of the sensor. Calculate the concentration of nitrate.

Main Features

1) Nitrate nitrogen sensor is directly measurement without sampling and pre-processing.

2) No chemical reagents, no secondary pollution.

3) Short response time and continuous online measurement.

4) The sensor has an automatic cleaning function that reduces maintenance.

5) Sensor power supply positive and negative reverse connection protection.

6) Sensor RS485 A/B terminal is connected to the power supply protection

 BH-485-COD UV COD Sensor 3 BH-485-COD UV COD Sensor 1 BH-485-COD UV COD Sensor 2


1) Drinking water / surface water

2) Industrial production process water / sewage treatment, etc.,

3) Continuously monitor the concentration of nitrate dissolved in water, especially for monitoring sewage aeration tanks, controlling denitrification process

Technical Parameters

Measuring Range Nitrate nitrogen NO3-N: 0.1~40.0mg/L
Accuracy ±5%
Repeatability ± 2%
Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Pressure range ≤0.4Mpa
Sensor material Body:SUS316L(freshwater),  Titanium alloy(Ocean marine); Cable:PUR
Calibration Standard calibration
Power Supply 12VDC
Communication MODBUS RS485
Working temperature 0-45℃(Non-freezing)
Dimensions Sensor:Diam69mm*Length 380mm
Protection IP68
Cable length Standard:10M,the maximum can be extended to 100m


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