ION (F-,CL-,Ca2+,NO3-,NH4+ etc)

  • IoT digital Ion sensor

    IoT digital Ion sensor

    ★ Model No: BH-485-ION

    ★ Protocol: Modbus RTU RS485

    ★ Features:  Multiple ions can be select, small structure for easy installation

    ★ Application: Wastewater plant, ground water, aquaculture

  • AH-800 Online Water Hardness/Alkali Analyzer

    AH-800 Online Water Hardness/Alkali Analyzer

    Online Water hardness / alkali analyzer monitors water total hardness or carbonate hardness and total alkali fully automatically via titration.


    This analyzer can measure water total hardness or carbonate hardness and total alkali fully automaticlly via titration. This instrument is suitable for recognising levels of hardness, quality control of water softening facilities and monitoring of water blending facilities. The instrument allows two different limit values to be defined and checks the water quality by determining the absorbtion of the sample during titration of the reagent. The configuration of the many applications is supported by a configuration assistant.

  • PF-2085 Online Ion Sensor

    PF-2085 Online Ion Sensor

    PF-2085 online composite electrode with chlorine single crystal film, PTFE annular liquid interface and solid electrolyte is compounded with pressure, anti pollution and other characteristics. Widely used in semiconductor materials, solar energy materials, metallurgical industry, fluorine containing electroplating etc industry waste water treatment process control, field of emission monitoring.

  • Online Ion Analyzer For Water Treatment Plant

    Online Ion Analyzer For Water Treatment Plant

    ★ Model No: pXG-2085Pro

    ★ Protocol: Modbus RTU RS485 or 4-20mA 

    ★ Measure Parameters: F-,Cl-,Mg2+,Ca2+,NO3-,NH+ 

    ★ Application: Wastewater treatment plant, chemical & semiconductor industry

    ★ Features: IP65 protection grade, 3 Relays for control