Multiparameter Online Systems

  • BQ301 Online Multi-parameter Water Quality Sensor

    BQ301 Online Multi-parameter Water Quality Sensor

    BOQU Online Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sensor is suitable for long-term field on-line monitoring. It can achieve the function of data reading , data storage and real-time online measurement of temperature, water depth, pH, conductivity, salinity, TDS,turbidity, DO, chlorophyll and blue-green algae at the same also can be customized according to special requirements.


  • MPG-6099 Multi-parameter Analyzer

    MPG-6099 Multi-parameter Analyzer

    Wall-mounted multi-parameter MPG-6099 Analyzer, optional water quality routine detection parameter sensor, including temperature / PH/conductivity/dissolved oxygen/ turbidity/BOD/COD/ ammonia nitrogen / nitrate/colour/chloride / depth etc, achieve simultaneous monitoring function. MPG-6099 multi-parameter controller has data storage function, which can monitor the fields: secondary water supply, aquaculture, river water quality monitoring, and environmental water discharge monitoring.

  • DCSG-2099 Multi-parameter Online Analyzer

    DCSG-2099 Multi-parameter Online Analyzer

    DCSG-2099 multi-parameter Online analyzer can simultaneously measure: conductivity, TDS, resistivity, temperature, pH, ORP, alkaline, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorine, NH4, blue-green algae, BOD, COD total of nine parameters. The channels are independent, non-switch conversion, without disturbing each other.