Medical Waste Water Solutions

Due to its industry characteristics, the management and control of conventional pollutants for water quality is slightly different from conventional pollution sources for medical wastewater. In addition to conventional COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen, considering the presence of microorganisms and other viruses, the effluent needs to be disinfected. Avoid flowing into the sewage pipe network, causing fecal spread. At the same time, the treatment of sludge also requires a large amount of disinfection treatment before it can be discharged, this is prevent microorganisms, bacteria and other viruses entering the environment.

Hubei Cancer Hospital is integrates prevention, medical treatment, rehabilitation, cayenne, and teaching directly under the Hubei Provincial Health Commission. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the online monitoring system for medical sewage provided by BOQU has been providing online sewage monitoring in this hospital. The main monitoring indicators are COD, ammonia nitrogen, pH, residual chlorine and flow.

Model No Analyzer
CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer
NHNG-3010 Online Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer
pHG-2091X Online pH Analyzer
CL-2059A Online Residual chlorine Analyzer
BQ-ULF-100W Wall Mounted Ultrasonic flow meter
Medical Waste Water Solutions
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