IoT Digital Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Short Description:

★ Model No: DOG-209FYD

★ Protocol: Modbus RTU RS485 

★ Power Supply: DC12V

★ Features: fluorescence measurement, easy maintenance

★ Application: Sewage water, river water, aquaculture

Product Detail


DOG-209FYD dissolved oxygen sensor uses fluorescence measurement of dissolved oxygen, blue light emitted by the phosphor layer, a fluorescent substance is excited to emit red light, and the fluorescent substance and the concentration of oxygen is inversely proportional to the time back to the ground state. The method uses a measurement of dissolved oxygen, no oxygen consumption measurement, the data is stable, reliable performance, there is no interference, installation and calibration simple. Widely used in sewage treatment plants each process, water plants, surface water, industrial process water production and wastewater treatment, aquaculture and other industries on-line monitoring of DO.


1. The sensor uses a new type of oxygen-sensitive film with good reproducibility and stability.

Breakthrough fluorescence techniques, requires virtually no maintenance.

2. Maintain prompt the user can customize the prompt message is automatically triggered.

3. Hard, fully enclosed design, improved durability.

4. Use simple, reliable, and interface instructions can reduce operational errors.

5. Set a visual warning system to provide important alarm functions.

6. Sensor convenient on-site installation, plug and play.

 DOG-209YFD 6 DOG-209YFD 4DOG-209YFD 3

Technical Indexes

Material Body: SUS316L + PVC (Limited Edition), titanium (seawater version);O-ring: Viton;

Cable: PVC

Measuring range Dissolved oxygen:0-20 mg/L、0-20 ppm; Temperature:0-45℃
Measurementaccuracy Dissolved oxygen:measured value ±3%; Temperature:±0.5℃
Pressure range ≤0.3Mpa
Output MODBUS RS485
Storage temperature -15~65℃
Ambient temperature 0~45℃
Calibration Air autamatic calibration, sample calibration
Cable 10m
Size 55mmx342mm
Waterproof rating IP68/NEMA6P

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