Online Residual Chlorine Analyzer/Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer

Short Description:

★ Model No: CL-2059B

★ Output: 4-20mA

★ Protocol: Modbus RTU RS485 

★ Measure Parameters: Residual Chlorine/Chlorine Dioxide,Temperature

★ Power Supply: AC220V

★ Features: Easy to install, high precision and small in size.

★ Application: Drinking water and water plants etc

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Product Detail

User Manual


The built-in sensor has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast response time and low maintenance cost. Standard 7-inch touch screen, the analyzer

outputs one 4-20mA standard signal and one RS485 signal. German Weidmuller terminals are used to ensure stable electrical connection. This product is easy to

install, high precision and small in size.

This product is widely used in industries where agricultural drinking water and water plants continuously monitor the residual chlorine content in aqueous solutions.


Technical Indexes

1. Display 7" touch screen
2. Measuring range Residual chlorine: 0~5 mg/L;CLO2: 0-5mg/L
3.Temperature 0.1~40.0℃
4. Accuracy ±2 %FS
5. Response time <30s
6. Repeatability ±0.02mg/L
7. PH value range 5~9pH
8. Minimum conductivity 100us/cm
9. Water sample flow 12~30L/H, in the flow cell
10. Maximum pressure 4bar
11. Operating temperature 0.1 to 40°C (without freezing)
12. Output signal 4-20mA
13. Digital communication equipped with MODBUS RS485 communication function, which can transmit measured values in real time
14. Load resistance  ≤750Ω
15. Ambient humidity ≤95% no condensation
16. Power supply 220V AC
17. Dimensions 400×300×200mm
18. Protection class IP54
19. Window size 155×87mm

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