Automatic Online Water Sampler for water treatment

Short Description:

★ Model No: AWS-A803

★ Protocol: Modbus RTU RS485/RS232 or 4-20mA 

★ Features: Timing equal ratio, flow equal ratio, remote control sampling

★ Application: Wastewater plant, power plant, tap water 


Product Detail

Brief Introduction

This automatic water sampler is widely used in the pollution sources, sewage treatment plants, which is used with COD, ammonia nitrogen, heavy metal etc.

Online monitors for continous water sampling. Apart from traditional sampling models such as timing, timing equal ratio, flow equal ratio, 

it even has synchronous sampling, excessive sample retention , and remote control sampling functions.

 Water sampler 600BOQU water sampler 600

Technical Features:

1) Routine sampling: timing, time equal ratio, flow equal ratio, liquid level equal ratio and external control sampling;

2) Bottle dividing methods: parallel-sampling, single-sampling and mixed sampling etc bottle dividing methods;

3) Excessive sample retention: uses in conjunction with online monitor, and automatically retains water sample in the sampling bottles when monitoring abnormal data;

4) Power-off protection: Automatic power-off protection and it will automatically return to work when power on;

5) Record: has a function of sampling records, records for opening and closing doors and power off records;

6) Digital temperature control: precise digital temperature control of chill box, additionally equipped with soaking system which makes the temperature uniform and accurate.


Sampling bottle Specification: 1000 ml × 25 bottles
Single sampling quantity (5~1000) ml
Sampling interval (2~9999) min
Sampling record 1000 slips
Records for opening and closing doors 200 slips
Sampling quantity error ± 7%
Sampling quantity error of equal ratio
± 8%
Time control error of system clock Δ1 ≤ 0.1%   Δ12 ≤ 30s
Temperature control precision ±1.5 ℃
Vertical height for sampling ≥ 8 m
Horizontal sampling distance ≥ 80 m
Air tightness of piping system ≤ -0.085 MPa
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) ≥ 1440 h per time
Insulation resistance >20 MΩ
Communication interface RS-232/RS-485
Analog interface 4 mA ~20 mA
Digital quantity input interface switching value

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