New Industrial COD Analyzer in wastewater treatment plant

Short Description:

CODG-3000 type COD automatic industrial online analyzer is developed with completely independent intellectual property rights of COD automatic testing instrument, be able to automatically detect COD of any water for a long time that in unattended condition.



1.Separation of water and electricity, analyzer combined with filtering function.
2.Panasonic PLC, faster data processing, long-term stable operation
3.High temperature and high pressure resistant valves imported from Japan, operating normally in harsh environments.
4.Digestion tube and measuring tube made by Quartz material to ensure high accuracy of water samples.
5.Set the digestion time freely to meet customer’s special demand.

Product Detail

Technical Parameters


The unique design makes this products compared to similar products with lower failure rate, lower maintenance, lower reagent consumption and higher cost.

Injection components: vacuum suction peristaltic pump, and the pump tube between the reagent there is always an air buffer, to avoid corrosion of the tubing, while making reagent mixing more concise and flexible.

Sealed Digestion components: high –temperature high-pressure digestion system, accelerating the reaction process, to overcome the volatile corrosive gas exposure system equipment corrosion.

Reagent tube: imported transparent modified PTFE hose, diameter greater than 1.5mm, reducing the chance of water-like particles clogging.

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  • A method based on  the national standard GB11914-89 << Water Quality – Determination of the chemical oxygen demand – dichromate potassium >> CODG-3000 
    Measuring range  0-1000mg/L, 0-10000mg/L
    Accuracy ≥ 100mg / L, no more than ± 10%;  
    <100mg / L, no more than ± 8mg / L
    Repeatability  ≥ 100mg / L, no more than ± 10%; 
    <100mg / L, does not exceed ± 6mg / L
    Measurement period  The minimum measurement period of 20 minutes, according to the actual water samples, digestion can be modified at any time in the 5 ~ 120min
    Sampling period  time interval (20 ~ 9999min adjustable), and the whole point of measurement mode;
    Calibration cycle  1 to 99 days at any arbitrary time interval adjustable
    Maintenance cycle   general once a month, each about 30 min;
    Reagent consumption   less than 0.35 RMB / sample
    Output   RS-232 ,4-20mA ( optional )
    Environmental requirements  Temperature adjustable interior, recommended temperature +5 ~ 28 ℃; humidity ≤ 90% ( non-condensing );
    Power supply   AC230 ± 10% V, 50 ± 10% Hz, 5A;
    Size  1500 × width 550 × height depth 450 (mm);
    Other  Abnormal alarm and power without losing data;
    Touch screen display and command input , abnormal reset and power calls,the instrument automatically discharge the residual reactants , automatic return to work status. 
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